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Azri Architects is pleased to announce it has embarked in a strategic alliance with internationally recognised design firm Claudio Modola Architectural Design, winners of the International Property Awards “Best Single Residence Arabia 2013/ 2014.

The unison will mean that for the first time, discerning Omani clients wishing to develop a prestigious residential or commercial property in the Sultanate will have the opportunity to work with the two alliance partners under one umbrella in order to acquire a highly emotive, unique architectural design of international standard with the necessary level of national knowledge and support essential for the success of any construction project.

Unlike many international firms working around the world, Claudio Modola Architectural Design, having a base in Kenya, is largely celebrated by the international press for its specialisation in the Omani / Swahili architectural style. It is this niche that together we intend to develop, in order that the cultural and natural heritage of our country is not just preserved but revered as we move towards the visionary development goals of His Majesty SultanQaboos Bin Said Al Said over the coming years.

Both representatives of Azri Architects and Claudio Modola Architectural Design are available to immediately answer any questions you may have in regard to a potential project on the given numbers

Azri Architects

Contact : Samir Al Azri

Tel Oman: +968 95210067
Claudio Modola Architectural Design

Contact : Andrea Mathison

Tel Kenya: + 254 703 114 314
Tel Italy: + 39 339 3573420